Music videos with friends!
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Parties are fun. Music videos are fun. Parties WITH music videos are double fun. Period.

Ready to DJ? Of course you are.

It's simple as pie:

  • First, create an event
  • Share the code with your friends
  • Mirror to your TV
  • Be the DJ you were born to be!

How it Works

Step 1: Create your event

Step 2: Grab your event code

Step 3: Tell your friends to visit from any device and enter code

Step 4: Once joined, users can request single videos or groups of videos (playlists)

Step 5: Time to party! Broadcast your event using any of the options in the section below

How to Broadcast On A TV

  • I have a Chromecast or other "cast" device

    Brilliant! Launch the "player" on your laptop and mirror the tab to your Chromecast.

  • My TV and laptop have HDMI ports

    Lovely! Turn on your TV, connect your laptop via HDMI, mirror and launch the player. Boom.

  • I only want audio!

    Very retro. Just hook up the necessary audio cables and everything should work.